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Booking is only available worldwide if travel costs are paid! My permanent location right now is Rochester, UK.




My name is Olesia Kolisnyk and I am a professional photographer. Once, in the distant 2011, a camera appeared in our family and since then it has been my permanent accessory.

In 2018, during the filming of New York, my camera was broken and it was when I realized that this was the cause of my whole life. After all, these three months without a camera were simply unbearable. That’s how hobbies turn into professions!

I love to take pictures of people, and therefore all your family, wedding and just portrait photographs will be at their best. I also shoot concerts, events, objects and retouch photos.

Didn’t find the shooting format you need here? Do not worry, reach out to me and we will discuss the details together because nothing is impossible!

Always yours, photographer olk

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