Ecology project

Humanity won’t die due to the atomic war; we will suffocate in our own garbage. The creator of the disposable plastic bag wanted to create a greener, cheaper, and reusable shopping bag. I suppose that the way we use his invention would be shocking because, at that time, the plastic bag was considered an ENVIRONMENTAL alternative to paper bags. Now, due to the cheapness of this material, we treat such packages with indifference, we do not pay a penny for them (well, a maximum of 1 UAH), and therefore each time we pack our products into new and new ones… later forming a saint of all the saints of the post-Soviet space, completely useless and in most cases unused, a relic — a bag with bags. Let’s stop stifling our future generations and start extending the life of old packages: recycle, use several times and at least bring to the trash can :) Oh, and by the way, Australian scientists at Newcastle University estimate that at the moment a person swallows 21 grams of microplastics every month, which is the size of a standard clothes hanger. Accordingly, every week a person absorbs amounts with food and water, which are equivalent to plastic cards. Another known fact is that every year more than 100 thousand marine inhabitants suffocate and suffer from plastic, and I am more than sure that this number is not complete. And what about the forecast that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than marine life? Why should your drink with a straw, which you drink for 20 minutes maximum, should harm our planet at least for another 500 years? The answer is simple — it shouldn’t. And the question is not even from what material your straw is, but where it will end up after your use. Discard the straws in a restaurant, bar or cafe in advance, collect the plastic and take it for recycling, buy yourself a metal one and carry it with you, or forget about the straws, because if you are a healthy person, you can drink EVERYTHING without using this device. Our consumption culture is destroying our planet every day, develop a culture of reuse (reuse) in yourself, and that is how, in small steps, we will save our planet.


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